Welcome, Christmas 2013!!


The festival of Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, who is considered as the epitome of Christianity.  The word “Christ + mass” means the people of the Christ. Although the Bible does not give a prices date for the birth of the Christ, it is still unclear how 25th of December is regarded His date of birth. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the world on the 25th of December every year. With the divine teachings of the Jesus Christ, affection and sacredness started to prevail on this earth.  Since then this day has utmost importance in the lives of the people across the globe and they look forward to this much awaited festival.

Being a public holiday on this day, without any exception, people make special plans for this special evening. Some of them plan to attend theme parties organized at various destinations in the cities while others plan to stay home and spend an eventful evening with their families by decorating their homes with lights, Christmas trees; baking cakes, preparing turkey and planning a feast for this special occasion. Many people plan small get- together by inviting friends and relatives at their place and exchanging gifts on this wonderful occasion.


People decorate the Christmas tree set in their homes with sparkling lights, stars and candies.

Apart from the decorated tree which is a universal icon of this festival, there remains a figure which has equivalent importance in this festival; St. Nicholas, popularly known as Santa clause, plays a vital role in making this festival a favorite among children. Even though this figure is called by different names around the world, his image of distributing gifts by entering into the houses by chimneys remains the same.

Christmas, being a diverse festival is celebrated in almost every major city. The style and the way of celebrating this merry occasion may be different. In the United States of America, where we have a contrasting population, this festival is considered as a day to rejoice, celebrate and to welcome the creator of the universe. One can feel the excitement and eagerness for this festival to arrive. The celebrations may vary to family to family due to the secularity of the country but the impulsion present in every family is to celebrate the evening together and spend time with their loved ones. Special dinner preparations are done for this day.

The traditional dinner comprises of roasted turkey and ham with assorted veggies and sauces. Red wine and brandy is also served with the dinner. Also, plum and pan cakes are baked along with fruit tarts to serve as deserts. Similar to many countries, in the US also, as the clock strikes twelve the midnight mass is started which is followed by exchanging of gifts among relatives and friends. Churches around the world are decorated and people in large numbers gather to worship and welcome Jesus Christ. Christmas carols and prayers are sung by the choirs which makes one feel extremely spiritual and close to the almighty.

The streets and malls are filled with this festive air and one can admire the decorations and presentations carried out during these days. Bakeries and confectionaries are mustered with people buying cakes and sweets for their loved ones. Malls and arcades are flocked by visitors as they put up a great exhibition which attracts the people in large numbers. Small vendors are seen sitting along the road side selling decorative items and accessories and many can be seen dressed up as Santa exchanging wishes on the streets.  One can see a variety of Christmas trees in the malls and other important places in the city.

Even in countries where the Christian population is in minority, it does not hamper or affect the festive celebrations. Avid travellers from around the world throng the countries where Christmas is celebrated with great zeal and gusto. The atmosphere that is witnessed is nothing short of a charisma. The youth also celebrate this festival by organizing beach parties and the clubs have an inviting and dazzling atmosphere. A noteworthy point here would be that, as a traveler, one should be aware of the fact that public life closes completely during festive season and the public transportation does not run on its regular schedule. Countries closer to the North Pole are famous for celebrating Christmas in a quaint yet majestic way with the northern lights complementing the festivities at night.

With Christmas 2013 round the corner, one hopes to have an extravagant experience again. Preparations in some countries have already been started to celebrate this much awaited festival.


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