Weekend Getaway Destinations in European Union

What do you do when you get that sudden urge to break free and go far away from the maddening crowds of your metropolis? The last hours of the working days can be really tough and demand a weekend retreat to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Just take a long breath and book yourself into the lap of restful luxury and indulgence at these exotic destinations.

Traveling within Europe is easy and convenient and you can find yourself lounging in the serenity of a laid back hamlet or sunning yourself by the sea, in just a few hours. It goes without saying that the presence of a uniform currency in most of the EU nations and easy travel formalities make weekend travel plans all the more attractive and free from cumbersome planning and details. Read on for some of the best options available for short and relaxing trips close to your city of abode.


Rome can offer one of the most intimate and romantic settings for couples looking for precious time together. Rome’s rich architectural heritage and culture, mesmerizes tourists through the grandeur of the historic Colosseum and Sistine Chapel. Daytime sightseeing in Rome encompasses the works of Raphael and Michelangelo, along with leisure time spent in the squares and avenues of the ancient city.

With the dawn of evening, the magnificent lights of Rome are sure to cast a spell on you with streets and buildings glittering under the starlit sky. Enjoy the perfect hand-in-hand stroll with your beloved, as you munch on a box of chocolates from specialist outlets like Del Cioccolata in Rione Monti or La Bottega.

Rome is reputed for its gourmet cuisine and candlelight dinners along with delectable pizzas and tasty pasta. The famous rose garden, Rosette, is one of the most preferred destinations for romantic couples and influences them to have an intimate photo session in the red and pink topiaries of roses.

Disneyland Paris


Get ready for hours of fun and frolic in this French holiday resort which promises to be the best weekend destination for the entire family. The vibrant atmosphere of the adventure park finds young children and their parents interacting with life size characters of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Cinderella and other Disney heartthrobs. The miniature world of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story, along with many other favorites, makes the weekend vacation worth its cause.

Tourists love taking a hike up Blue Mountain or relaxing in the cars of the Disney Railroad, as they click snaps of other revelers taking leisurely rides in horse drawn street cars. With plenty of treats and goodies, Disneyland in Paris serves to the most popular destination for weekend vacation lovers.


With its exciting outdoor cafes, endless pedestrian walks and tourist markets, Portugal is the perfect haven for travelers looking for a relaxing weekend break. One of the chief attractions of Lisbon is The Central Elevator, which provides a phenomenal view of the city as you continue to sip on your cup of hot espresso coffee.

Tourists also enjoy a short an easy train ride to the nearby town of Cascais, where they can relive the historical events of the decadent old castles. These ancient structures stand in all their glory on top of high hills and offer a rich experience for all visitors. Once you have completed your tryst with history, you can indulge in short treks and walking trips along the shoreline and piers. However, do remember to stop by vendors selling exotic fruits near the Old Portuguese fountains.


A weekend trip to Berlin ensures hours of beer, fun and food. Apart from lounging in the one of the many pubs and cafes, you can also take a short sightseeing trip to the Brandenburg Gate, which is the symbol of the historic Cold war. Tourists like to spend some precious moments at the Jewish History Museum or take a guided tour of Hohenschönhausen Memorial Center.

A trip to Germany is incomplete without the short journey to Wittenberg, to experience the religious aspects of German history. The place brings back memories of Martin Luther King’s uprising from the Catholic Church and the historical events which followed.



This city is famous all over the world for its canals and romantic gondola rides. Built on an archipelago of 118 islands which have been formed by over 150 canals, Venice is undoubtedly the best weekend destination for couples wanting to walk across its 400 bridges.

Tourists can look forward to a day of exciting sightseeing in attractive spots such as the Bascilica San Marco, Piazza San Marco, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Ponte dei Sospiri and Doge’s Palace. Feasting on world class Italian fare, after a walk along the Grand Canal is the ultimate travel experience for all weekend tourists in Venice.

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