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Travel is all about discovering new avenues and escapades. For an avid traveler, accommodation is something that may make or break the trip. Your choice of destination as well as hotels should be based on uniqueness to keep you up on your toes every time. While you are staying at a hotel and are paying for the room service, or other complementary gifts – you are paying for the experience. For some of the hotels, merely providing basic amenities is not considered an experience in itself. They go beyond the “star” mark epithet and offer an array of awe struck and amusing experiences to visitors. The world is full of such unique hotels, but a few of them stand out and provide a different yet a memorable experience to one and all.

Dog Bark Park Inn, USA – If you are a dog lover, this is the place to be. Shaped like a beagle dog, this bread and breakfast is located in Idaho. Every basic amenity is inspired from dog – the shape of the cups, to the decorations. If you are lucky, you can even stay in the dog’s head!

Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

Ice Hotel, Sweden – When it was built in 1990, it was the first ice hotel in the world. Its unique motif comes from the fact that the ice is melted and remodelled every year! If you come from a hot part of the world where summer months and humidity rule your days, this could be an apt stay option for you while you take part in adventurous escapades in Sweden. The internal temperature is maintained at minus 5 degrees.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Glass igloo, Lapland – Ice hotels have gained an iconic stature, however Finland’s Kakslauttanen and Igloo Village break the conventional barriers and impresses everyone with a creative twist. The hotel boasts of glass igloos where you lay on your bed beneath the thermal glass and witness the Northern Lights. Its USP lies in the fact that you could not witness the rainbow of Northern Lights from your bed from anywhere else in the world. The hotels also provides packages for husky rides, reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobile travel, ice swimming and ice fishing.

Glass igloo, Lapland

Capsule Hotel, Japan – Experience the innovative Japanese experience by sleeping away the night in a tiny pod. The hotel is for men only though. If you have missed your flight or train, this is one of the cheapest stay options for you around in Japan. It provides a separate locker if you have a lot of luggage and also offers a bath and sauna – all clean. The tiny room are crammed in a 2 square meter space and a small TV set is provided to keep company to those who are sleepless!

Capsule Hotel, Japan

Aydinli Cave Hotel, Turkey – Tucked away in the heart of old Goreme, Aydinli Cave hotel is a small family run hotel which is both – stylish and impressive. The hotel replicates rock cut and traditional cave dwellings and the panorama bespoke of a child’s imagination. The Cappadocia region of Turkey is famous for such cave hotels where you stay will be no less than a fairy tale. The hotel is built without giving away the natural feel of a “rock and cave” experience that it was meant to provide. You can also immerse yourself in the traditional Turkish culture as hammams basins are available for you to use and stone fireplaces give your room a natural look of an era bygone.

Aydinli Cave Hotel, Turkey

Alcatraz Hotel, Germany – If you are one of those extra curious travelers and ever wondered about how a stay in the prison of Germany would feel like, you can head to Germany and experience it yourself! The Alcatraz Hotel in Kaiserslautern city of southern Germany has been turned into a hotel from a prison that dates back to 1867. There are a total of 57 rooms with original lattice bars, typical jail beds and heavy steel doors. To add to the weird, guests are given convict uniform pyjamas to sleep in!


Thorngrove Manor, Australia – Your stay at the Thorngrove will give you an instant impression of royalty, romance and finesse. The Manor has a decorative and fairy tale styled entrance and is nestled away in the beautiful hills of Adelaide. Experience a royal stay while here with the finest services.

Thorngrove Manor, Australia

Museumotel, France – A stupendous piece of art, this Museumotel has different colorful bubbles each having its own unique theme. It is truly considered as a private museum to be enjoyed by its visitors.

Museumotel, France

Sandcastle Hotel, UK – Head to Weymouth Beach in Dorset to sleep in a sandcastle. The open air family rooms don’t have closets or washrooms though. An amazing experience awaits you when you wake up to a vast ocean.

Sandcastle Hotel, UK

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile – Built after a volcano, it is a spectacular sight of a hotel that is nestled in the Huilo Huilo natural reserve in Chile. The unique factor of the hotel is that there is water falling down from the top to the windows of the room.  Have a mesmerizing time in the lap of the nature!

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

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