Travelling options for solo travelers

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Dame Freya Stark.

Travelling alone has its own distinctive advantages which outweigh features of travelling with a bunch of friends. You control your own schedule and you don’t have to work around others’, based on your mood and budget you can choose your course of meal, and travelling alone is an invigorating experience. However, safety concerns are of prominence and one should be prudent in choosing a safe destination with appropriate accommodation. Travelling all by yourself can turn out to be a great learning experience as well as a spectacular adventurous escapade. If you have planned to travel solo, then certain destination meet your requirements and we have penned them down to add to your bucket list.

Australia – Recently voted as one of the happiest countries, Australia is a safe destination for solo travelers.  The country is replete with adventurous escapades and coupled with a friendly culture and hospitality, it will be easier for a single traveler to blend in and explore on their own.  The Australian coastline is spectacular with beautiful beaches that are covered in white powdery sand; crystal clear waters and ample sunshine assure one of a relaxed time. To add a dash of adventure into your travel plans, you can go for diving in the Great Barrier Reef or hiking in Tasmania.  It is easy to navigate through the country as language is not a barrier here and with plethora of activities to indulge in here, loneliness seems far away.

Singapore – Singapore is a melting pot of diversity. One of the most developed countries in Asia, Singapore is also known as one of the four tigers of the region. The country is full of different cultures that it will give you the slightest of boredom. There are different districts available in Singapore according to countries – Malaysian, Chinese or Indian and you can sample delectable food from each district. Ranked as one of the safest destinations, Singapore boasts of cultural wealth yet to be discovered fully.

Austin, Texas – You are sure you are going to have a good time when you head to a city whose slogan is “Keep Austin weird”. When weirdness is touted as one of the venerable features of a city, it is definitely going to offer a pleasant time to all the visitors. This sunny city will enthrall you with its selection in music and fine cafes and bars. Ranked as one of the cheapest cities in the US, you can go lighter on your pockets here. You can hear some live music on the 6th street and then head to Zilker Park.

Iceland – One of the off the beaten paths that you can take as a solo traveller is by heading to Iceland. The people here eat shark, and it is full of active volcanoes. However, it is a blessing for a solo traveller as the local culture is very welcoming of a guest and safety standards are one of the highest in the world. Their unspoilt natural scenery sets them apart and the country offers plethora of activities for you to indulge in – from thermal to glacier baths! Wine and dine with the Icelandic and enjoy one of the most rustic cultures on Earth.

Costa Rica – An apt destination for a solo traveler, Costa Rica has abundant adventurous activities. The place has ample water based and other outdoor activities that will keep you on your toes all the time while you are here. To name a few – hot springs, hiking, zip lining, water rafting are the most favourite here. Its topography is filled with steppe and lush landscape which is again replete with pristine beaches, active volcanoes and dense rain forests. The cuisine of Costa Rica is simple, yet classy with a combination of rice with bean, fruits, cheese, and other vegetables.

Canada – One of the happiest countries in the recent years, Canada is home to a diverse culture. It is a very safe, picturesque, and a friendly country that welcomes all its guests with a warm heart. Canada’s fresh markets provide a culinary delight to the visitors. It also has several trails for hiking. The country’s calendar is always full of all kinds of festival – an example of how it celebrates its diversity. A solo traveler will find plenty of activities to indulge in here. To name a few of the festivals – wild blueberry festival held on Prince Edward Island, Columbia shellfish festival, Niagara Ice  wine festival  and maple festivals are but a few and prominent ones.

When you travel solo, you find yourself invited to new cultures and meet new people and instead of exploring the cities, you can interact with the nature and calm your tired nerves and soul.



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