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Not everyone can afford the luxury of an expensive travel – not that we don’t like it, but it’s always a smart choice to spend less in such turbulent economic times that has almost every country in its solid grip. Money should not be a barrier to your travel plans and for everyone once in a while travelling is necessary that give you much needed relaxation and peace of mind. Travelling abroad does not necessarily have to burn your pocket. With our comprehensive guide on cheapest travel options, you can start packing your bags without worrying too much about expenses.

Thailand – A huge popular destination among tourists of all ages, Thailand has quintessentially remained a cheap travel destination. The delectable cuisines, striking tourist hot spots, spectacular beaches and hospitable culture combine to make Thailand a world renowned touristy country that doesn’t break your bank balance. There are some marked areas in the country that are crowded by foreigners, yet many remain off the beaten travel route – hence cheaper. Tourists from all walks of life come here and therefore there is a variety of accommodation available – from luxury to budget. If you want to spend your hard earned money in exploring the country rather than on hotel rooms, then opting for dorm rooms or youth hostels or budget rooms are the best bet as you can get them for under $10 a day.  As far as food is concerned, relish the local Thai dishes available on the streets or as well for under $2!  If you are a bit hesitant on trying street food, you can also savour Thai gastronomy at a local restaurant for as cheap as $5. A bottle of water in Bangkok will cost you a little less than 50 cents. Remember – drinks are expensive in Thailand, so as long as you go light on them, you will save a great deal.

To have the thrill of local rides, you may opt for tuk tuk but you must negotiate the price for one ride at the upwards of $1. Other than that, commute through buses is cheaper and cover entire Bangkok. Additionally the average price for tourists’ attractions range anywhere from $2 – $13.

Overall Thailand is not cheap as compared to other South East Asian countries, but you can still manage it here from $20 – $30 a day.

Nepal – One of the best cheap travel destinations around the world, Nepal is a budget traveller’s paradise. Home to the gigantic and majestic Mt. Everest and beautiful Himalayan range, Nepal offers peace, tranquillity and fun at a fractional cost! It is one of the most favourite destinations for a trek – and at such low prices – the treks will not burn a hole in your pocket. You may visit Pokhara, 40 km away from Kathmandu, as it is the starting point of most of the treks. You can hire a bicycle here at a price of 100 – 200 Nepalese Rupees a day. A stay at a budget hotel can cost you anywhere from 2 – 10$ a day. Nepali food is spicier but not expensive. You can get a local meal consisting of a vegetable, curry and rice from 1 – $3 and if you wish to have steaks or meat it could be anywhere from 4 – 8$. Hiring a tour guide can cost you anywhere around $15 a day. 1 USD is approximately 85 Nepali Rupees.

Bali – Bali is compact in size yet high on tourism prominence. It is packed with cultural dance events, rice terraces, mesmerizing temple ceremonies and crystal clear beaches. One of the most tourist friendly places in Indonesia, Bali is a metamorphosis of exquisite rainbow of colors which has a laid back and idyllic setting. Way cheaper than Thailand, you can easily find rooms here at less than 10$ a day. Experience all what Bali has to offer and savor the local cuisine under $4. You can have inexpensive food across Bali in Warungs or cafes. The mini buses running in Bali are one of the most economical travel options.  1 USD is approximately 9,665 Indonesian Rupiah.

Budapest, Hungary – One of the most exquisite cities in central Europe, Budapest is a tourism marvel. The charges of the Hotel rooms start at $8 per night and go upwards from that. The local markets in Budapest are full of cafes that serve inexpensive kebabs and sandwiches under $2. You can easily spend a day in approximately $40 in Budapest including the cheap train and bus rides as well. Unless you want to go for a big night out for drinking, $40 should do the trick for you. The city proves to be a great alternative to other popular European cities of Prague or Vienna. 1 USD is approximately 217 Hungarian Forint.

By doing a little research and avoiding major tourist destinations, you will find a value destination that suits your budget throughout the world.

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