Top Happiest Countries In The World

Traveling with a theme gives an extra edge to our travel plans. How about this time we travel to those places that have been chosen among the happiest in the world and find out what sets them apart from the rest. In order to provide a comprehensive list, we will not follow the chronological order.

Norway – Voted as the happiest country to live in 2012, Norway is a travel wonder. A visit to the country is a lifetime opportunity for anyone. Simplicity defines the idyllic setting of Norway. Oslo, which lies 7 degree below the Arctic Circle, does not see the sun in midsummer. Within the recent years Norway has successfully set up a copious social welfare system which has helped it to achieve the highest level of development in terms of literacy, wealth and life expectancy. Norway’s net debt is negative 160% – representing a huge surplus! The employment rate here is 75% which is also the 4th highest. The income level of Norway is high and the locals certainly spend more than most of the other countries. Tourists visiting the country can get a feel of the positive vibes off the locals. They can immerse themselves in the local culture and spend some quality time here with friends and family. Let go of worrisome days behind and enjoy and relax amidst the natural beauty of the famous fjords or watch the sky and admire the Northern Lights.


Denmark – A small yet influential country – Denmark by no means is small when it comes to happiness or satisfaction. Rated as one of the happiest countries, the Danes’ life expectancy stands at 79.3 years and employment rate is 73%. The disposable income of the country is $23,000. Danes are the most satisfied nationality and why not – they have achieved consistent high ratings on high employment rate and low levels of long working hours – resulting in overall satisfaction. Danes are oft considered as stoic, and despite that they can wear sensible shoes. Here, career path is not chosen based on income or status as a banker may take home the same amount of money as an artist. On the other hand, a low wage earning person may work for five hours a day but can still save enough money and find quality time to spend with his family. Satisfaction is measured in terms of quality of life lead – Danes are living a content life. They can all afford cars but they choose bikes – simple yet economical. There is no show off about them. Visit the simple, subtle and picturesque country to get a piece of the calm.


Australia – Life expectancy rate in Australia is 82 years; more than 72% people are employed. Based on the  jobs, housing, income, and health, Australia is one of the best countries to be born in. It was also the only nation that avoided the worldwide recession in 2009.  Country delivers exceptionally in terms of overall well being of its citizens.  It is also one of the safest nations around the world. With a booming tourism industry, Australia is at par with other developed nations in the world. Australians take pride in their lives and accomplishments. Visit this happy nation and seep in the diverse culture that it so proudly boasts of. As one of the top tourist attractions, it will rarely disappoint you. On the flip side, it is a bit expensive, but does offer unmatched splendid overall satisfaction.


Canada – More than 90% of the Canadians are satisfied with their lives. The country scored very high in terms of political and personal freedom and strong social networks coupled with improved health and economic stability. From Montreal to Ontario to B.C, Canadians have yet another reason to cheer about. With high levels of income, the Canadians dealt with the global recession in a better way and to add to that full health coverage is provided to all Canadians. Despite being one of the richest, several other factors are taken into consideration for calculating a country’s happiness. For instance, absence of corruption, stable family support, high level of personal freedom, less rate of unemployment, etc. Canada is the most welcoming nations to its diverse population that speaks volumes about the friendly people.


Switzerland – This is the place to be. Switzerland ranks highest in terms of health, economy and governance. With a strong and stable medical spending, the Swiss enjoy one of the top most health rankings in the world. Surrounded by postcard picture scenery, Switzerland has low crime rate and myriad of outdoor activities to indulge in – from skiing in the Alps to bush walking for sightseeing. The country is very peaceful as well. The country remains neutral and does not interfere in political business of its neighbors. A perfect mix of picturesque surrounding and natural wonders, one cannot give Switzerland a miss.


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