Top Cities in Asia

If you are tad choosy about places to visit, set your eyes on some of the top cities in Asia.

Monasteries, passionate nightlife and undiluted zeal for outdoor activities are true to Bangkok — Thailand’s bustling capital city. The city sends out a message of cordiality to its travelers. Hong Kong is second to none when it comes to pampering you with luxury. With an intermingling of British and Chinese heritage as a backdrop, you have lot to experience in this metropolis. Beijing adds to Asia’s urban canvas. It’s rewarding to steal a glance at the Forbidden City and spend some moments in Tienanmen Square.


The old city of Jerusalem is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides having a truly religious feel, the place shares a strong bond with its eventful history. On a different note, a traveler should not miss a visit to an ultra-modern destination – Dubai. A king-size life and a stately welcome is what you encounter in this large-hearted city. To continue with life’s goodness, come to Mumbai – one of the most happening Asian cities where love for food, entertainment and rocking nightlife is evident. It’s a spirited city with affable people living their life to the fullest.


Seoul makes you fall in love for both past and present. You can spend hours admiring the beautiful palaces and get into frenzied mood to relish the electrifying nightlife. For those eager to behold a rare cultural mishmash, fly down to Singapore. Asia’s matter of pride, Singapore emits an upbeat and progressive destination with place for every discerning traveler. Tokyo, the world’s largest city, deals in superlatives. It’s a futuristic city that gives you a compelling reason to feel good about.


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