Top 5 Romantic Wedding Destinations

How would you like to visualize yourself and your fiancé striding down from the opposite corners of a wooden hanging bridge, to meet in the center to say “I do”? As she says “Yes” in the serene cove tucked away in the in the Caribbean; the lapping waves beneath you appropriately provide rich testimony to your wedding vows!

Well, this is just one of the many options available for wedding destinations around the world. Young couples are no longer looking towards traditional “walk down the aisle” or age old ceremonial events, as they plan out their marriage in exotic locations in unusual ways.

California, U.S.

With its snowy mountain peaks to warm and sunny beach lines, California is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. The location has a wide range of beaches, parks, wedding venues and special event locations, which provides numerous options for wedding planners. The perfect Californian wedding is bound to be a success in these picturesque locations, with hills, beaches and cliffs forming the perfect backdrop.

California boasts of an abundance of entertainment modes and talented vendors which go a long way in providing local support in organizing the wedding.

wedding destinations

Le Château d’Esclimont, France

The Le Château d’Esclimont is the famous and historical valley, which sits pretty on 150 acres of spectacular landscape at a distance of 54 minutes from Paris. The location is perfect for a fairy tale wedding, which brings to life all the fantasies connected with the concept of a “Princess –marrying –her –Prince Charming”.

This romantic castle, located between Chartres and Versailles, is surrounded by thickly wooded parks and offers exceptional facilities for golf, horse riding, swimming and aerial tours of the entire region. Wedding guests can also look forward to enjoying various activities such as hiking, fishing, horseback riding and boating as they wait for the ceremonies to take place.

The palace is a perfect honeymoon destination as well, and provides the right ambiance for the newlywed couple stepping into their marital lives.

The Le Château d’Esclimont

Bali, Indonesia

With its exotic beaches and serene landscapes, Bali is one of the most preferred destinations for wedding celebrations. The rich Indonesian culture and traditions, add many rich experiences to the ceremonies. Bali boasts of unique dance forms and food choices, which makes the wedding all the more exciting for family members and guests.

There are many resort and spas in Bali which are renowned across the world for their specialized theme weddings. Shimmering ceremonies complete with wedding glass chapels, iconic after wedding parties, breathtaking views and elite wedding planners, make these venues in Bali, the perfect choice for couple desirous of getting married in style.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Bali as wedding destination is attributed to the fact that couples can stay on for their honeymoon after the wedding formalities get over.

Bali, Indonesia

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Located in the Eastern parts of the South Pacific, Tahiti is the perfect wedding destination offering sparsely crowded islands and sprawling beaches. The local traditions of treating the bride-to-be as a Tahitian Princess, adds a unique charm to the wedding plans. The cultural dances and traditional attire worn by the couple also provide many memorable moments for all guests and family members.

Tahiti is a favorite honeymoon destination as well and couples can go in for several packages which provide special rates for wedding and the couple’s stay thereafter.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Venice, Italy

With its beautiful gondolas, canals and numerous waterways, Venice is one of the best wedding destinations around the world. Venice personifies romance in more ways than one and is a treasure trove of natural beauties. There are many Venetian venues which prove to be the ideal location for performing the wedding rites and celebrations. Chief amongst them are, S. Giovanni e Paolo, Palazzo Cavalli and the Venetian Palace.

Wedding in Venice is the most spectacular and exclusive option for couples wanting to marry in an exotic location Young couples enjoy taking a gondola ride along the Grand Canal as the boatmen sing soulful and haunting melodies. The magnificence of the Rialto Bridge and the numerous palazzos and bridges which line Venice’s thoroughfare, make the Italian experience worth its cause.

The Piazza San Marco along with its Basilica provides the perfect background for wedding photographs. The phenomenal view of the Isle of San Giorgio and the bay, adds to the setting in more ways than one. The romantic and ethereal charm of the city will definitely win hearts over and provide wonderful memories to one and all.

Venice, Italy

Nuptial ceremonies taking place in various destinations around the world require professional planning in respect to the theme, venue and color for the wedding. Along with the search for a good photographer, caterer, decorator and florist, wedding plans also include booking accommodation and facilities for guests and family members.

With world class infrastructural support and best hospitality services, these romantic wedding destinations promise the best memories for a lifetime.





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