Slip and Slope through the best ski destinations across Europe


Europe is known as the Mecca for travel aficionados. It boasts of one of the finest restaurants, clubs and attractions, in the world. Apart from being famous for its breathtaking picturesque panorama, Europe is also synonymous with adventure travel. Several countries in Europe receive plenty snowfall throughout the year. More often than not, adventure travelers have a hard time choosing the best destination for skiing across Europe as there is a wide variety of options to have some snowbound fun.  Whether you are a novice, need a beginner’s lesson, an experienced skier or have planned to celebrate a weekend with a thrilling activity, Europe, with its finest mountain resorts – most famous and least explored, is waiting for you to put on your salopettes and get ready to slide through the snowy mountains.

France – A bit expensive for tourists, France, nevertheless has multiple skiing options for novice and advanced level skiers. A lot of tourists will find the finest ski resorts here and why not? France is the proud trendsetter of the largest piste network and lift network in the world. You can choose your pick from choicest of resorts – Tignes, Courchevel, Val D’Isere, Chamonix, etc. It’s never too late to experience skiing in the French Alps.


Finnish Lapland – It’s about time you dumped the rule book and ventured into the Finnish Lapland to live your skiing dreams in an adventurous yet dreamy backdrop. This attraction boasts of convenient slopes and plenty of facilities for kids as well. Also famous for being the land of Santa Claus, you can keep your kids entertained by opting for reindeer sleighs and husky rides. A unique destination for a stupendous winter vacation experience; the fun extends even after the sun goes down and you witness the dazzling Northern Lights.

Austria – This country is an absolute gemstone when it comes to skiing options. Many resorts here boast of powdery snow that is sure to give an excellent level of ski experience to all tourists. As beautiful as the country is, its ski resorts depict the true picture of picturesque panorama offering the finest of quality and services to one and all. It is still not considered at par with the French, nevertheless, offers a great value for money deal. To experience the old world charm, a must visit here is Innsbruck Village which gives access to one of the most famed ski resorts.

Switzerland – If its snow, snowboarding and ski, Switzerland cannot be left far behind. Switzerland offers charm, compelling weather, majestic surroundings, superimposing mountains and snow terrains. Skiers are often faced with a variety of ski options to choose from – the most daunting in the Alps to the easiest in Alpine villages. The unique aspect of skiing in Switzerland is that most of the ski resorts have been built around mountainous villages giving a traditional backdrop to visitors. If you are up for freestyle skiing, head to Flims Laax or Zermatt Village – one of their kinds in Europe.


Sweden – If you wish to ski in a dramatic setup, Sweden is a favourable choice. Located in the northern latitude, there is plenty of snow between Christmas and Easter. Offering a spectacular and memorable experience to skiers, you can ski against the majestic backdrop of the Midnight Sun. If you are lucky, you may even witness the rainbow of the Northern Lights as you slide trough the slopes. A bonus point to consider – it is less crowded as compared to its other European counterparts.

Italy – Skiing here will be lighter on your pockets. Often ignored as a ski destination, Italy nonetheless, does have some excellent ski resorts and dynamic après ski. Italian ski resorts are inviting and offer a spectacular haven for skiers. If you are a food aficionado apart from an avid skier, this one you shouldn’t let go of. The Italian pizzeria offer scrumptious local food and the resorts offer a quaint accommodation. Visit Dolomites Ski Area which boasts of 1200 kms of non interlinked pistes.

Norway – The country offers exceptional facilities for skiing. Not a traditional ski destination choice for many, however its popularity is picking up pace. Norway is famous for providing a complete and unique Scandinavian experience. Gentle snow is found almost round the year due to its northern latitude position. Experience staying in the quaint and quiet log cabins and enjoy the sauna that Norway is famous for. A variety of excellent ski resorts are – Geilo, Tryvann, Hafjell, Trysil, etc.

Andorra – To have a memorable ski experience, visit the border of Andorra and France and book a weekend stay at Pas de la casa ski resort. The destination boasts of 186 km of piste; however, the daunting slopes are more preferred by advanced or intermediary skiers.

Greece – There is more to Greece than crystal water and white homes. Not explored fully but the Pelion Mountain in Greece is a breathtaking location for skiing. As it has not been explored completely, you can ski with an increased peace of mind with fewer crowds around.

Slovenia – A surprise entry to this list is Slovenia. The easy slopes are considered favourable by beginners in Kranjska Gora. Unspoilt yet wondrous, Slovenia’s uncrowded ski slopes give you plenty of speed to hurtle down a mountain.

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