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Festivals play an important role in a culture’s identity. There are several festivals in the world that are famous for their uniqueness. Although they form an integral part of locals’ lives, visitors can have a once in a lifetime opportunity by immersing themselves in the local cultures by taking part in the festivals. If you blend your travel plans with the festivals celebrated, your vacation time could mean double the fun and entertainment. Here’s our list of the most famous festivals that we have scoured the planet for you.

Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Brazilian Carnival is not only famous among locals but is one of the most celebrated festivals around the globe. It is held annually before Lent and hosts about two million people every day on the streets. One common theme rules the festival – samba! The streets are adorned with decoratively dressed revelers from different samba schools who compete with other schools. The infectious music, splendid dance, and vibrant energy form the helm of the city that drums different beats through the festival.

Diwali – The festival of Lights, India – One of the biggest and brightest festivals celebrated among Hindus across India, it is a festival where the entire country is engulfed in an array of illumination.  The symbolic reference of the festival is held in the belief that good wins over evil and light over darkness. Lamps, candles and diyas (earthen lamp) are lit in every home making the country a brilliant spectacle of tradition. It is held annually either in October or November based on the Hindu calendar.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – This one is for beer lovers – essentially. Beer flows everywhere as tourists from around the world throng Germany to have a gala time. In a 16 day extravaganza, tourists catch a glimpse of people in traditional costumes, enjoy oodles of music and savour delectable German cuisine.

Songkran, Thailand – One of the most striking festivals in Thailand, Songkran is the traditional New Year celebrated annually between 13th and 15th April. The festival is celebrated by throwing water at each other. The locals throng the streets and use water guns or garden hose to drench people passing by.

Holi, India - You can literally bring colors to your lives by taking part in the Holi celebrations in India held annually in the month of March. This boisterous festival is full of rainbow of colors – powdered color to be precise where you can smear your friends’ face with it or you may also use water filled balloons. If you are a visitor, you will be targeted specifically, so don’t be surprised if you end up looking like a rainbow personified!

La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain – Also famous for being one of the most celebrated food festivals, La Tomatina can draw similarity with Holi, however, instead of colors, they use tomatoes! Held on the last Wednesday of August, locals as well as foreigners take part in world’s biggest food fight festival. Bunol’s tiny population sees an influx of thousands who visit just to celebrate the festival.

Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, China – The highlight of the northern part of China is the annually held Ice and Snow Festival. Harbin boasts of sculpting majestic ice structures where blocks of ice are pulled from the local Songhua River. To add to the panorama, these structures are filled with LED lights giving the city a vibrant look. The temperature drops to minus 30 degrees; it is recommended that you carry warm clothes to get enthralled.

The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland – Once a year, Scotland’s capital becomes the art capital as well as the city turns into the biggest avenue for art festival in the world. Thousands of visitors assemble here to witness participants display an array of skills varying from music to dancing to comedy. Fresh talent is often discovered through this festival.

Chinese New Year, Hong Kong – Millions of people take part in and celebrate the Chinese New Year with great zeal and excitement. Streets are filled with decorative and colorful flowers and delectable dishes are savoured throughout Hong Kong. A spectacular show of firework display will leave anyone gasping for more.

Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans, USA – This festival symbolises a season of parades and parties. It is replete with gargantuan floats, vibrant parades and masquerade balls. It is usually a 2 week celebration where at least one major parade takes place each day. On the final day of the carnival, many events take place across New Orleans making it one of the biggest festivals in the USA. The festival was brought by the French settlers and dates back to 1699.

Plan your trip according to the famous festivals and experience the fun and entertainment in these regions that is unmatched.

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