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Night owls never need a reason to celebrate any night of the week. Is it the noise that drives them crazy or the dazzling ambiance and effervesce drinks to the top destinations most famous for their nightlife? We have scoured the planet to come up with a list of some of the best cities that dance until the dawn breaks for all those who love to mix their travel escapades with a dash of leisure.

NYC, New York – One of the many reasons why New York City is known for providing sleepless nights is its bustling nightlife. Whatever you have seen in movies – chic cocktail lounges in the ever famous Upper East Side or the trendiest clubs around – NYC nightlife will sweep you off your feet. Casually termed as the birthplace of disco, the city redefines partying. Travel downtown and dance the night away at Bungalow 8 or Studio 54.


Auckland, New Zealand – The first image that the mind forms after hearing New Zealand is the picturesque mountains, majestic glaciers, crystal water and quaint beaches. However, Auckland is home to one of the hippest nightlife. The city has everything from clubs, bars or casinos. There are heaps of spots for you to explore here if you are a party lover or just want to enjoy a drink with friends. The largest casino in New Zealand is also in Auckland – Skycity, which receives around 12,000 visitors per day!


Miami, Florida – An entertainment maverick, Miami’s nights sizzle with umpteen numbers of clubs and bars. Visit South Beach any night and you may end up noticing a celebrity. This part is high on attitude and price tag alike. If you want to go lighter on your pocket, head to downtown Miami and have a fun night. Eve, Club Space, and Nocturnal are just a few favourites among club goers.


Beijing, China – An unusual pick, however one of the trendiest of all is Beijing. Contrary to the popular belief, the city keeps coming up with numerous entertainment avenues. Most of the clubs and bars are situated in the Chaoyang District – the city centre, also houses foreign embassies, hence a hit among foreigners. Vics, Mesh, JJ bar, etc provide a fun filled night with myriad of innovative drinks at affordable prices. Equally famous is Sanlitun Bar Street which provides a unique ambiance of a fun filled night to be enjoyed with your pals against the backdrop of a lake and live band playing your favorite numbers.


Amsterdam, Holland – The city has a busy nightlife scene and boasts of varied nightclubs, dance festivals and other venues to appeal to everyone’s taste. How serious the city takes its nightlife into account can be gauged by the fact that they have a Night Mayor elected to this post! If you want to experience the liveliest clubs in town, head to Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein. Not to be too overwhelmed at the sheer amount of number of clubs the city has, one can head to Club Air - one of the largest clubs in town that can gather a crowd of around 1700 people; or Sugar Factory or Escape – very affordable and easy to get in.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – The nightlife of the city is gigantic, vibrant, lively and buzzing like a beehive – it never stops even after the annual carnival does. The nightlife here is not concentrated at one place, rather it is scattered. Clubs like Mix, Selvagem, Nuth are a hit among youngsters while Copacabana is famous for small gathering at the beach as well. Samba is the buzz word here and you can immerse yourself in the culture of the city, if you learn the basics of samba and floor everyone at Casas de Samba!


Las Vegas, Nevada – The never ending night scene is here to stay with plenty of entertainment options provided by Las Vegas. Clubbing and partying are centric to the city’s nerve system. There are mega lounges to chic bars to swanky clubs, and for those who want to party with the locals, head to Tabu and Light at MGM Grand and Bellagio respectively. Nightlife of the city makes it the entertainment capital of the world as you dine, wine and dance at the world’s finest places.


Tel Aviv, Israel – Not explored fully, however Tel Aviv does offer an alluring nightlife. Visit Allenby Street to get entrance into one of the trendiest clubs around town. Put simply, you will find everything here – from ultra clubs to small bars to suit everyone’s tastes.


Buenos Aires, Argentina – An unusual club opening timing of 2 am, the city makes party lovers go crazy with enthusiasm. The night comes awakening only after you have finished your dinner by 12 am!  Whether you want to have a laid back night with a glass of cocktail or have a gala time with pals at a swanky club, Buenos Aires has it all.


Ibiza, Spain – One of the most talked about party spots in the world, Ibiza is also known as the Mecca of nightlife. The destination offers trendiest bars and live music that will not make you regret your decision to take a break here!

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