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American Dreams from just £215

America Dreams

Make your dreams a reality with a trip to North America! Whether it’s sights, sun or theme parks you’re looking for this winter we’ll get you there in comfort via Dublin’s state-of-the-art Terminal 2. Smart books now. Smart flies Aer Lingus. Ahoy mateys! Secure your spot under the Grecian sunRead More…

Weekend Getaway Destinations in European Union

What do you do when you get that sudden urge to break free and go far away from the maddening crowds of your metropolis? The last hours of the working days can be really tough and demand a weekend retreat to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Just take aRead More…

Top destinations for Hiking

It doesn’t take long to understand why and how Hiking is a good pastime and a healthy habit. There are many health benefits of hiking that cannot be provided by various indoor activities and found with the comforts of thick walled gyms. Fresh air, sand beneath your feet and soothingRead More…

Travel cheap under 200 dollars

Not everyone can afford the luxury of an expensive travel – not that we don’t like it, but it’s always a smart choice to spend less in such turbulent economic times that has almost every country in its solid grip.

Get the Party Started in cities with best night life

Night owls never need a reason to celebrate any night of the week. Is it the noise that drives them crazy or the dazzling ambiance and effervesce drinks to the top destinations most famous for their nightlife? We have scoured the planet to come up with a list of someRead More…

Slip and Slope through the best ski destinations across Europe


Europe is known as the Mecca for travel aficionados. It boasts of one of the finest restaurants, clubs and attractions, in the world. Apart from being famous for its breathtaking picturesque panorama, Europe is also synonymous with adventure travel. Several countries in Europe receive plenty snowfall throughout the year.

Discover the most exceptional and underrated UNESCO sites

UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has been promoting education and culture since its inception in 1921. In the year 1972, world’s heritage sites were included in the work of UNESCO and since then almost 936 sites have been added to the list. Although many of them areRead More…

Welcome, Christmas 2013!!


The festival of Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, who is considered as the epitome of Christianity.  The word “Christ + mass” means the people of the Christ. Although the Bible does not give a prices date for the birth of the Christ, it is still unclear how 25thRead More…

Popular Festivals around the world


Festivals play an important role in a culture’s identity. There are several festivals in the world that are famous for their uniqueness. Although they form an integral part of locals’ lives, visitors can have a once in a lifetime opportunity by immersing themselves in the local cultures by taking partRead More…

Pristine water, powdery sands and peace – The beaches we love!


Once the holiday season is over, everyone gets back to their mundane chores. However, there is always an urge to hit to the nearest beach to experience warmth under the sun kissed sky.Don’t let the idea of an over populated beach hold you back from exploring less visited beaches whereRead More…

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